Group discounts

Travelling as a group? This is why you should choose our SIM cards

1. SIM cards for more than 150 countries!

travSIM offers SIM cards for more than 150 countries worldwide. We have a large variety in our assortment of products. We cover many Asian countries such as India, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines with a data SIM card co-developed by us. For the very popular destination the USA, we can offer you SIM cards for AT&T as well as the t-Mobile network. We also offer SIM cards for countries outside the European Union, such as Serbia, Montenegro, Russia or the Ukraine.

Stay connected with SIM cards from our assortment even on your journey

It becomes more and more important to be able to communicate with each other in a group when different activities are planned.

2. Stay connected within your group

These SIM cards enable you to stay in touch with Loved ones, friends and Business associations on your travels. Depending on the product and selected option, a volume of calling minutes, data or a telephone flat rate is available. This enables you to visit various popular sights as a group or as an individual and then coordinate where you will meet up after a long day of exploring.

3. Overview group discounts

The group discounts start at as little as 3 people, where each person orders a SIM card.

Group size Discount Discount code
3 or more SIMs 5% Group-discount-5%
5 or more SIMs 10% Group-discount-10%
10 or more SIMs 15% Group-discount-15%

You can find the appropriate discount code for your travel group directly in the table above, and you only need to enter it when ordering your product.