Am I able to Tether using one of the following cards?

Can I use Tethering on the following SIM card?

  • 1). T-Mobile
  • Yes, T-Mobile offers 7GB limit for tethering purposes. Once you exceed that, your hotspot speeds will be slowed down considerably.
  • 2). Lycamobile
  • No, Lycamobile does not allow Tethering at all.
  • 3). Three UK
  • Yes, Tethering is allowed on Three's network, but not all plans come with a tethering allowance and there are limits to the amount of data you can share with other devices every month. You can also tether data when abroad although usage limits also apply.
  • 4). Data SIM card
  • Yes, Tethering is allowed on all our Data SIM cards
  • 5). WorldSIM
  • Yes, you can use the data on a WorldSIM for Tethering if you bought one of our data options
  • 6). H2O
  • No, you are not allowed to tether data on h2o plans even if you are technically able to on your device.
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